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NNF webinar - Two presentations of research on autonomous driving in the Nordic countries - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Kuusniemi
Welcome all! This webinar is recorded. More information of today's event at the website of Nordic Institute of Navigation: http://www.nornav.org/nnf-webinars-2q-2021.6371633-27945.html
Martti Kirkko-Jaakkola
is there any temporary loss in accuracy when switching from a VRS to another?
Per Lundahl Thomsen
HI Stefan, Thankyou very much for you nice presentation. How do you see this type of VRS solution in relation to PPP solutions ??
Amin Alizadeh
Thank you for your presentation. I was just wondering how often the VRS stations were changing in the test area? wasn't it an instantaneous change of VRS:es during the test?
Heidi Kuusniemi
thank you all! bye